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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Insure Jewelry

Although some of your jewelery may be covered under your renter's or home owner's insurance policy, it may be worth insuring your jewelry separately if the value exceeds that covered on your other policies.
Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need
Safe-deposit Boxes
Jewelry Inventory Sheet
Jewelry Boxes
Jewelry Insurance
Jewlery Appraisals
1Step OneHave all of your fine jewelry appraised by an independent appraiser. Make sure each item is listed, described and valued on paper.
2Step TwoRead your home owner's or renter's insurance policy to find out the amount of coverage it provides for items such as jewelry. The best insurance will cover loss, theft and damage.
3Step ThreeKeep in mind that rates for personal jewelry insurance may vary according to your state or country, and you can select coverage with or without a deductible.
4Step FourSpeak to your insurance agent about adding a rider to your home owner's policy to cover jewelry that goes beyond the value of personal property covered in the basic policy. You can also ask about taking out a separate policy on your valuables.
5Step FiveConsider separate jewelry insurance (such as that offered by the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company) as another alternative.
6Step SixCompare all insurance plans, as well as the reputation of each company, and choose the one that gives you the most coverage for your money and the most flexibility if you have to replace jewelry.
Tips & Warnings
When you are figuring out the basic coverage offered by your home owner's policy, don't forget to figure in deductibles. After a deductible is paid, you should be able to receive the full value of your jewelry.
Beyond having insurance, to keep your jewelry safe you should store it in a personal safe or in a safety deposit box.
Having photos of jewelry items is also important, as lost or stolen pieces can sometimes be recreated on the basis of a good photograph.
All jewelry should be inspected on a regular basis for reassessment of value. If your jewelry is not valued appropriately, you will not be able to recover what you need to replace it if it is lost, damaged or stolen

Jewelry Claim Replacement Service)

Jewelry Claim Replacement Service)
National Underwriter Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management, June, 1993 by Gilbert, Evelyn
Content provided
in partnership with

Underwriting and adjusting jewelry claims can be tricky, but insurers can get some help from a jewelry underwriting and claims mitigation service, according to an industry consultant. Jewelry Claim Replacement Service, or JCRS, an Oakland, Calif.-based company, can help insurers establish jewelry insurance underwriting and claims procedures, according to its president, David W.

Hendry Jr. The company works with carriers reviewing their jewelry losses in an effort to help claims adjusters "spot abuses," such as inflated appraisals, and help them identify opportunities ...

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10 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Ring

10 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Ring by Tiffany L’orfevre

plug itThere are ten tips to follow when shopping for a wedding ring. While there are basic points to consider when purchasing all jewelry, these apply specifically to finding the perfect wedding ring.
1. Narrow Your Choices You need to determine your preferences and make a few decisions before purchasing that jewelry. What hue of metal are you curious about? Yellow or white? What if all of your own personal accessories are in gold, but his watch is made of a white metal? You may want to look at rings that have both yellow and white gold in them. Do you want something basic or something with some zing? What about a bracelet with hued stones or diamonds?

2. Set A Budget

It will cost $125.00 to $200.00 apiece for a simple gold band set and $400.00 to $600.00 apiece for plain platinum bands. Data provided by the Diamond Information Center suggests the average price for diamond wedding bands is $742. It costs between 1 and 8 dollars per character for engraving, depending on which font you want and whether it will be hand engraved or machine engraved.

3. Start Looking Early

At least two months prior to your wedding date, start looking for your bands. This gives you an opportunity to look around and reexamine the rings that caught your attention. If you are looking to customize your ring, be ready to allow even more time. It can take as long as a month to have them engraved.

4. Think Practical You should be practical when choosing a ring so that it will be compatible with your current lifestyle. You should keep in mind that you will wear this ring everyday. The best idea is to pick a ring that fits into your lifestyle. If you live an energetic lifestyle, such as play sports, you should avoid any wide, bulky bands and go for a round-edged slimmer ring instead. If you work with your hands you may want a simple ring that won't trap dirt. Consider platinum if you have allergies to metal alloys. Platinum's purity makes it hypoallergenic for most people.

5. Complete The Twenty Year Task

Feel free to choose your own style even if it may be different from the more common designs. However, you should be careful and make sure it's style won't fade out over time. 6. Be Wise About The Size

Since most people rarely remove the wedding bands they will go through seasons, exercise, menstrual cycles, pregnancies, and your finger will swell and contract during all of these events.

7. Inspect For Condition

Check the quality of all rings. Look to see that the inside of the ring has two marks in it- the trademark for the maker (quality guarantee) and quality mark (guarantees the metal it is made of), like 24K or PLAT. A quality mark is required for each if the ring contains two or more metals.

8. Cleaning Your Wedding Ring

Cleaning your ring is as simple as can be. Simply rub a soft lint-free cloth over a ring without stones. Chamois works particularly well. You can get rid of grease by immersing the band in alcohol. Clean tarnish with a mixture of soap, water, and a small amount of ammonia. Use a soft toothbrush and rinse. Don't forget to close the drain. Lastly, dry with a soft cloth. Soak a ring with stones in warm soapy water and use a soft brush to clean. Then rinse and pat dry.

9. Protect Your Investment

All metals including platinum are vulnerable to wear and tear; therefore it is important that you protect your investment. Avoid wearing it when doing extremely rough work or sports as such activities can scratch your rings. Also avoid wearing them when using concentrated chlorine such as bleaches, cleaners and swimming pool disinfectants as they can cause pitting or discoloration to the ring. Platinum, while being more durable over time, is softer than white or yellow gold and scratches easily. Scratches are most obvious on matte finishes. Fortunately, your local jeweler can restore your ring's pristine original glory by reapplying or changing your ring's finish or plating.

10. Wear Your Band At All Times

Many are surprised at how easy it is to misplace a ring. You have probably picked something that you won't have to remove. However, if you really need to remove your ring, put it in a place so that you will always remember where it is. Never place the ring near a sink. Even if it doesn't fall into the drain straightaway, your pet cat is sure to help it along. When you are away from home is the most dangerous time to remove your ring. Most rings are set down, lost, or forgotten when traveling. Per insurance company records, the first year someone owns a wedding ring is when the majority of losses and damages occur.

Birthstone Jewelry - The Perfect Gifts For Women

Birthstone Jewelry - The Perfect Gifts For Women by Janice Tham

plug itWhat do you give the woman in your life?
Unless she specifically requests for one, a vacuum cleaner or a new set of pot and pans, no matter how much they cost, might well disappoint her. Practical though they may be, household gifts lack that special touch. You know the look on her face when she opens a gift she really loves. One that gives her that unexpected thrill?

You are more likely to get a genuinely thrilled response from her if you give her jewelry than if you were to give her a new apron or a new cupboard.

What if she already has everything?

All women love shiny things. Precious jewelry that catches her eye would certainly get her vote. It could be an absolutely gorgeous necklace that sets off her favorite dress beautifully. Or it could be a pair of stunning shoulder duster earrings that highlight her slender neck. Or it could be a cuff bracelet that makes a simple sheath dress look amazing.

When it comes to a birthday gift, nothing beats birthstone jewelry for her.

Birthstone jewelry is any kind of jewelry that is set with the gemstone of her birth month.

Who invented birthstone jewelry in the first place?

There are lots of theories as to the origins of birthstones.

One common belief is that these 12 birthstones originated from the breastplate worn by the high priest of the Jews. Each gemstone representing one tribe of Israel and later, representing one month of the year.

These 12 gemstones are beryl, topaz,ruby, turquoise, lapis lazuli, emerald, jacinth,agate, amethyst, crysolite,onyx and jasper.

Astrologers associated the gemstones with each zodiac sign. As each zodiac month overlaps largely with the calendar month, the monthly birthstone list can be derived from the zodiac birthstone.

The Tibetans, in ancient Tibet, had their own birthstone list. That list of mystical birthstones is more than a thousand years old.

Even the Indians have their Ayurverdic birthstone list, based on that branch of medicine originating from India.

Eventually, in 1912, a modern birthstone list was compiled by the National Association of Jewelers in Kansas with a specific gemstone associated with each month of the year. This is the list accepted in U.S.

According to this modern birthstone list, the birthstone for January is garnet. For february, the gemstone is amethyst. March calls for aquamarine, April's gemstone is the diamond. May's birthstone is Emerald. For June, the birthstone is Pearl. Ruby is the july birthstone while peridot is August's birthstone. September calls for Sapphire. October's birthstone is Opal. November calls for Citrine and the December birthstone is Turquoise.

Throughout history, mankind has been fascinated with gemstones. Their color, beauty and rarity cause men to prize them. So much so that many stories and superstitions surround the various gemstones.

Lore or not. Gemstones are beautiful and that alone makes them wonderful gifts for women. The way they enhance the wearer's looks, like the icing on the cake make birthstone jewelry wonderful jewelry gifts for women.

The great thing about birthstones is that they make great personalized gifts for women. After all, that gemstone is chosen based on her birth month. When you want to get a woman jewelry and aren't too sure which gemstone to get, you could use any of these lists as a guide.

Yes, diamonds are a girls best friend and no woman would protest if you give her diamonds. But if you want to get her something more affordable, you could go for one of the more affordable gemstones for her month

Selecting Fine Jewelry Pieces For Any Occasion

Selecting Fine Jewelry Pieces For Any Occasion by James Brown

plug itMany marrying couples would migrate toward the fine jewelry selections in a store that featured diamonds in the settings. The jewelry items reviewed at first might be diamonds placed in rings to create a solitaire arrangement. This style of engagement rings is most preferred but some happy couples will also choose matching bands that are fashioned from smooth surface metals of platinum, 18-karat, or 14-karat gold.
Selecting one metal for fine jewelry of this type will be hard because this fine piece will result in a ring or ring set that is meant to be worn everyday over a lifetime of married bliss. Other jewelry selections for marrying couples to consider would be three stone rings that bore three diamonds or a mixture of diamonds and other precious stones. When selecting jewelry with these stone combinations, most people prefer to select three matching stones, and select another style of ring for wearing them at formal occasions.

People that shop for jewelry are amazed at the different affects that can be achieved no matter what type of stone is selected. Some shoppers will be thrilled at the sight of diamonds as they are mounted in a pure platinum setting. The rich color of rubies surround by platinum create exquisite pieces of fine jewelry that could be handed down from generation to generation. To create fine pieces that is very mysterious, a woman might have a jeweler combine stones of onyx with opals.

Choosing various styles of fine jewelry is one of the fun aspects of owning fine jewelry. A woman can spend many hours in a store looking through bracelets, rings, necklaces and even jewelry selections made for toes. Most of these fine pieces of jewelry found will compliment any other because like metals such as 14-karat gold can be combined with 18-karat to allow people to explore the finer pleasures of wearing fine jewelry made of yellow colored precious metals.

The styling for fine jewelry fashioned as necklaces could include ornate swirled platinum centers with diamond stones that are arranged in multiple layers on a chain that is noticeably wider. The combined weight of the stones might require the use of a chain of such width but those who wear diamonds around the neck prefer this style because it ensures that the chain is strong to keep diamond gems from being lost. Fine jewelry can be worn for all occasions and even sports activities do not keep women from maintaining a high degree of fashion sense while playing on the court.

Fine jewelry can also be found in miniature because little boys and girls deserve jewelry styles that are perfectly sized for their small body forms. The dainty chains will fit perfectly with a variety of charms that are child oriented such as butterflies, turtles and bears. A charm bracelet will always be noticed because the sound of the charms as they brush against each other in quiet surroundings such as church. The jewelry selections for ears will give little girls the opportunity to dress up just like their mothers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Podcasting By Governors And Other Politicians Is Skyrocketing

Podcasting By Governors And Other Politicians Is Skyrocketing! by Scott Fish

plug itPodcasting by Governors and other politicians is skyrocketing!
Imagine for a second that you are an up-and-coming politician running for the senate or a governors race - what's the best way to reach out to your younger audience? PODcasting has been the answer -- So, who is doing it?

Rod Blgojevich

Governor Rod Blgojevich offers pod casting through his website, - Stating that "Sometimes, you want to get your information on an issue straight from the source. That is why we have started offering 'Podcasts' on different topics." He's using these podcasts to talk about everything from jobs, schools, health care and energy initiatives.

Here are a few of his most recent Podcasts:

Illinois Unemployment Drops to All-Time Low Proposal to Increase the Minimum Wage Protecting Access to Contraceptives

Ernie Fletcher

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher is the latest state governor to introduce a podcast. The Governor Ernie Fletcher's Podcast lets people listen to the governor's latest public addresses on their computer or portable media player.

fletcher.jpg"Moving Kentucky forward means making state government more accessible to our citizens," said Governor Fletcher. "Podcasting is another way we are doing just that -- bringing government to the people with the most up-to-date technology possible."

The podcast is a free service available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Governor Fletcher becomes one of the first governors in the nation to utilize the growing technology that expands the use of Internet-based multi-media to reach constituents. Fletcher's podcast joins Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's podcast and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger podcast.

"More and more citizens and businesses are going to the Internet as their first source for news, information and interaction," explained Governor Fletcher. "Taking advantage of this technology ensures Kentucky state government is there to greet them."

Chris Bell

Chris Bell, former Texas Governor offers several podcasts that share with his supporters topics that are close to his heart, but also offers him the chance to "play a little politics".

CB Radio: Bizradio Podcast, Chris Duel today Podcast: Chris on Houston BizRadio

Russ Diamond whom ran for Governor in Pennsylvania offers several podcasts including the following: Russ Diamon Podcasts

Barack Obama

Obama-PodcastMost notably Barack Obama of Illinois is using podcasts to push his agenda more than anyone! Obama's website for senate offers plenty of options for listening to his podcasts. Senate Democratic Majority.

Senator Obama discusses the new Senate Democratic majority and upcoming legislation, including an increase in the minimum wage, implementing all of the 9/11 Commission recommendations and a real energy policy.

Transparency Act and Chemical Plant Security

Senator Obama discusses the "Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act" being signed in to law today, as well as the chemical plant security legislation agreed upon by House and Senate negotiators last week that is far too weak and fails to adequately protect American lives.

Africa Trip Recap

Senator Obama just returned from a 15-day trip to Africa where he visited South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Chad. He discusses his tour of Robben Island prison, meeting with U.S. troops, visiting refugee camps of those fleeing the genocide in Darfur and the need for addressing Africa's growing AIDS epidemic.